Tuesday, 29 September 2009

JavaFX Week 4 homework

I enjoyed week 4 of the JavaPassion JavaFX tutorial, the only problem I experienced was that the Gaussian effect didn't seem to work as expected. The flame was meant to have three colours, but as soon as I add the Gaussian blur it seems to kill the colours.

The preview function in Netbeans showed it okay (left third of the screenshot), but at runtime the colours completely dissapear (see right third of the screenshot).

I didn't want to post the full code, but hopefully enough is visible in the screenshot to show you what I entered for the effect - perhaps someone can see what's wrong?

Thank you to Dieter Sabolewski, who has pointed out that the code worked fine on a Windows machine, unlike my Mac Book.

My PC has Windows 7 RC as operating system. Java is the newest release for
The code runs here fine. I tested with your values, also with different
values for time and glow. The glowing can be seen perfectly.

Some issues to be noticed:

Obviously the JDK for fx and the runtime do still have a lot of
malfunctions. The code shows you, that I had to outcomment the 'stroke'
command to render the 'linearGradient' of the rectangle. I played a little
around and I can confirm, that the linearGradient of the rectangle renders
very dependent from the resized stage. This seams from my point of view be a
problem of the data binding, resp. the continiously update of that.

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