Tuesday, 6 October 2009

JavaFX Week 6 (GUI Week 3)

I have tried some of the sample applications, I remain unimpressed with the performance on the Mac using the FireFox browser.

Three levels of skinning

  • CSS Theme - Most accessible method and will accommodate 60-80% of use, although Java FX 1.2 is not fully CSS featured. A very basic example of CSS use can be found here http://javafx.com/samples/CSSFun/index.html

  • FXD for Skin - Use the Java FX production suite to export artifacts from Illustrator or Photoshop.

  • Custom Skin - Replacement of a skin for a button for example by using your own image for the button, but you're responsible for the tedious details, such as overriding functions to provide preferred size information.

The default 'skin' in JavaFX 1.2 is called Caspian, this site covers the decisions about the colour schemes used and why http://fxexperience.com/2009/06/caspian-skin/

Charting - Six types in Java FX 1.2

Area Chart
Bar Chart
Bubble Charts
Line Charts
Pie Charts
Scatter Charts

For more information refer to http://pleasingsoftware.blogspot.com/2009/06/this-is-test.html

Internationalisation - JavaFX is very similar to Java in the way that it handles I18N, but instead of using a .properties file it expects a .fxproperties file. All message keys and values are quoted, i.e.

"NB_Title" = "JavaFX 用 NetBeans IDE"

To reference one of the properties, it's as simple as using two hashes followed by the key of the property, i.e.

Locale.setDefault(new Locale("en", "US"));
title : ##"NB_TITLE"

For a full explanation see the following link

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