Sunday, 13 September 2009

JavaFX Week 3.3 - Good video tutorials / overviews

I followed a link to and found these JavaFX videos that I would recommend you look as an overview of what's possible in JavaFX.

Introduction to JavaFX - Jim Weaver gives a high-level overview of JavaFX, including lots of code snippets. This is a little slow paced and uses the command-line compiler - I assume this is before the Netbeans plugin was available. Covers closures too, which is in my opinion 'advanced' rather than an introduction topic. Closures are 'the ability to access variables in the context that the function was created within'. This video is worth watching to understand binding, including bi-directional binding and triggers - useful for form-based user interfaces for example.

JavaFX SDK - Danny Coward (excellent presenter) shows exporting from Photoshop and some good demonstrations of JavaFX in use (includes playing media with emphasis of deploying the same app on multiple devices, i.e. mobile devices and desktop, integration between JavaFX and Javascript in the browser).

Overview about the API - Richard Bair and Martin Brehovsky cover the API, primative types, sequences, operators, flow control, binding, object literals, scene graphs, animations, transitions. I recommend this video the most.

An interview with the JavaFX team - The Java Posse interviews the JavaFX team.

  • What is JavaFX?

  • Why a new language?

  • What happened with the JavaFX launch? (There was a problem with the launch)

  • How should people evaluate JavaFX?

  • What new features does JavaFX bring to UI developers?

  • What does binding allows us to do?

  • What is the JavaFX runtime size?

  • How should you prepare your libraries for use in JavaFX

  • How to develop new JavaFX components

  • Any plans to use JavaFX script in non UI domains (i.e. server)

  • Is there a recommended client/server communications API

  • Where's the interfactive JavaFX shell

  • Any plans to support scene graph for other JVM languages

  • What other technologies will interact with the JavaFX language

  • Any plans to create a JavaFX component market place

  • Will there be a JSR for JavaFX?

  • Why should Flex/Silverlight developers want to look / change to JavaFX

  • What about the Applet experience

  • What about JavaFX tools

  • Support from Eclipse?

  • Anything else you want to share with


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