Friday, 2 April 2010

Learning Game Programming - XNA #1

My first attempt of using Microsoft XNA - I plan to create a game eventually, but the first stage is to experiment with the Framework. I coded it using C#, one sprite (increasing to 100 gradually), it uses scaling, rotation and movement.

I'm reading Learning XNA 3.0 from O'Reilly at the moment, I have two other XNA books too. This is simply for a hobby, nothing professional at this stage is required. I would like to finally get the 'game' I write on to the XBOX 360 as a multiplayer game (Split Screen) and eventually over XBOX live.

100 x sprites (512 x 512 resolution) being dynamically resized and rotated maintains 60 FPS! Once FRAPS starts recording for capturing on to Youtube it goes down to 30 FPS.

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