Friday, 27 November 2009

JavaFX on hold...

For anyone that has been following my posts related to Java FX, I am currently putting my efforts into learning Ext-JS as I am finding Java FX a little immature at the moment.

My reasons are:

  • I see differences in rendering between my Mac and PC
  • Creating forms manually is much more painful than I would like
  • It still feels to early to be using Java FX until proper tooling is available
  • Concerns about whether Java FX will be supported once Oracle complete the purchase of Sun
  • Java FX seems better at multimedia style websites rather than functional applications (in my opinion), i.e. Ext-JS provides what appears to be simpler form handling and validation.
I hope to return to the Java FX training in the future, when exactly - I'm not sure.

In the meantime, look out for blogs on JAX-RS, JPA and EXT-JS. I played briefly with Restful services in Spring v3, then thought it was a little painful and used the Netbeans wizards for generating my domain objects and services. It appears to look good so-far, but I'm sure I'm making things more difficult than they need to be.


  1. For tooling you can check out our JavaFX plug-in for Eclipse (soon to be open source):


  2. I agree that Ext Js is a better bet than Java FX. I prefer web standards any day. Ext has such a great following too, make sure you check out their forums.